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  • Hon. Rizalina Noval Justol (Chairperson at Commission on Audit)

    Hon. Rizalina Noval Justol

    Chairperson at Commission on Audit

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  • Hon. Roland C. Pondoc (Commissioner at Commission on Audit)

    Hon. Roland C. Pondoc

    Commissioner at Commission on Audit

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  • Hon. Marivic Galban (OIC – Assistant Commissioner  Human Resource Development at Bureau of Internal Revenue)

    Hon. Marivic Galban

    OIC – Assistant Commissioner Human Resource Development at Bureau of Internal Revenue

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NOTICE:   Eventbank is now GlueUp. Please kindly note the change.


Q: How do I reserve for the PICPA MMR webinar? How and when do I get the webinar ID?

A: Go to the website and find the webinar/seminar listing at the "Upcoming Event Tab." Click "Register Now" or the "Title of the Webinar/Seminar" and you will be directed to the registration page of GlueUp. Complete the registration, and pay for the webinar at least 48 hours before the webinar (using any mode of payment below). You will receive a confirmation email at least two (2) hours before the webinar. The confirmation email will contain the webinar ID and link information. You are not allowed to share this to others.


A. Thru Union Bank of the Philippines

•  Via Over-The-Counter Transaction

Name of Member: Name of paying PICPA member (First Name, MI, Last Name)

CPA Number: PRC ID number of paying PICPA member

Type of Payment: PICPA MMR Webinar

•  Via Online Banking or Mobile App


Payment for Company / Institution PICPA MMR

Client Name: Name of paying PICPA member (First Name, MI, Last Name)

Reference Number: PRC ID number of paying PICPA member / PICPA MMR Webinar

B. Thru InstaPay

•  Via GCash Mobile App

Under Bank Transfer via UnionBank


Account Number: 000840021240

Send Receipt to: Personal Email address

Once paid please SEND a copy of the payment confirmation to:

PICPA Metro Manila Region–


Q: How do I login into the event?

A: Download the Zoom Application (free subscription will do). On the confirmation email that you will receive, click "Click Here to Joinlink. You can login and wait to be let in anytime within the duration of the webinar or earlier, from up to 15 minutes before the event. Remember that your first login is captured by Zoom as your "time in" at the event. 

Q: Can I pass on or transfer the webinar ID to someone else?     

A: Note that your registration is NON-TRANSFERRABLE, NON-SHAREABLE. The confirmation email containing the webinar ID that you have received is associated with the PICPA-GlueUp registered email that is yours alone. 


Q: Will all webinar attendees/participants get a Certificate of Attendance?

A: To be eligible for a Certificate of Attendance, participants must first satisfy these four requirements: (a) pre-registration, (b) attendance, (c) Pre-Test and Post-Test (d) evaluation.

(a) Pre-registration in the PICPA-GlueUp portal is required.

(b) Attendance: Zoom captures the "time in" of participants automatically. Only those who join the event not later than 15 minutes after its official start will qualify to receive the Certificate of Attendance.

(c) Polls – Poll questions flashed on the screen during the webinar should be answered. This serves as a monitoring tool to keep track of the participant's physical presence.

(d) Evaluation – Participants need to accomplish the ZOOM Online Evaluation Form which is made available only after the Q&A portion.

Q: When will the Certificate of Attendance be printed and released to the participants?

A: Please wait for further announcements regarding this matter. In case there is an urgent need for a Certificate of Attendance, please write a request by sending an e-mail to:


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