Mode of Payment

Option 1: Via Over the Counter (OTC) Transaction with Cash/Check deposit payment slip, Online Fund Transfer or Interbank deposit


Account Name: Association of CPA practicing in the Phils Inc.

Account Number: 200002423207

*if check payment please make it payable to : Association of CPA practicing in the Phils Inc.

Option 2 : Through G-CASH :

Account name: Ferdinand A. Rodriguez

Number: 0917-706-2766

Note: On the deposit slip/transfer receipt, please indicate as REMARKS:

Payee's COMPLETE NAME, email address, and PRC ID number (if CPA).

NOTE: Once paid please ATTACH a copy of the payment confirmation upon registration.


  Ferdinand A. Rodriguez

  Mobile #: 0917-706-2766

  Email: picpacdomember@gmail.com


  • Registration Fee for Northern Mindanao Members in Good Standing


    Member Price

    Reserve Ticket
  • Registration Fee for Members NOT in Good Standing and Non-Members


    Public Price

    Amount is inclusive of VAT

    Buy Ticket

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do I reserve for the (NON-INDIVIDUAL TAXPAYERS UNDER CREATE LAW) webinar? How and when do I get the webinar ID?

A: Step 1: Process the payment (Online Fund transfer or Deposit)

           FREE - Northern Mindanao Members in Good Standing(MIGS) 

           P300 - Non-MIGS and Non-member

      To avail of the MIGS rate, please ensure your membership status is updated in your MyGlue (formerly  

      Eventbank) profile for the current FY 2021-2022.


   Step 2: Take a photo of the payment confirmation (Pls. indicate your Name/PRC No./Email)

  Step 3: Go to the https://picpa.glueup.com/my/home/​ website and find NON-INDIVIDUAL TAXPAYERS UNDER CREATE LAW 

at the "Upcoming Event Tab." Click "Register Now" 

        or the "Title of the Webinar/Seminar" and you will be directed to the registration page of Glueup. 

   Step 4: Complete the registration. You will receive a confirmation email at the latest two (2) hours before  

         the start of the event. Said email will contain the webinar ID. We start broadcasting 30 minutes before

         the start of the program.

Q: I can't register via the MyGlue (Eventbank page) because the system says my e-mail address is not associated with a member account. What do I do?

A: Make sure you have paid your membership dues for the current fiscal year, you have an activated account* in the MyGlue (Event Bank) and your profile indicates that you are a Member in Good Standing up to FY 2022.

If you have already paid your dues, please contact your respective Chapter President and/or 

e-mail picpacdomember@gmail.com with your Membership Dues OR for the current year and we will assist you in completing your registration.

If you are a Non-member or a Member NOT in Good standing, please select the appropriate ticket in the event registration page. 

*Note: Please make sure you use the ONE (1) email address in registering through Glueup. Please do not create another account using another email address to register as this will create a conflict in the system.


Q: How do I login into the event?

A: Download the Zoom Application (free subscription will do). On the separate confirmation email that you will receive(d), click "Click Here to Join" link. You can login and wait to be let in anytime within the duration of the webinar or earlier, from up to 15 minutes before the event. Remember that your first login is captured by Zoom as your "time in" at the event. 

Q: Can I pass on or transfer the webinar ID to someone else?     

A: Note that your registration is NON TRANSFERRABLE, NON SHAREABLE. The confirmation email containing the webinar ID that you have received is associated to the PICPA-EventBank-registered email that is yours alone. 

Q: How can I assure that my attendance is accounted for?

A: Participant has to identify his FULL NAME upon signing/logging in. When in the webinar, participant must also make sure of his/her connectivity: once disconnected, you may rejoin the session but you must satisfy all the conditions set below to be eligible to receive a Certificate of Attendance. Also, participant must make sure to validate attendance before exiting the seminar.


Q: Will all webinar attendees/participants get a Certificate of Attendance?

A: To be eligible to get a Certificate of Attendance with CPD Units under Competence Area A, participants must first satisfy these five (5) requirements: (a) pre-registration, (b) attendance, (c) polls, (d) Video/Camera-On and (e) evaluation

(a) Pre-registration in the PICPA-GLUEUP portal is required.

(b) Attendance: Zoom captures the "time in" of participants automatically. Only those who join the event not later than 15 min after its official start will qualify to earn Certificate of Attendance.

(c) Polls – In all poll questions flashed on the screen during the webinar, participation is being tracked.

(d) Video/Camera On - Participants will have to open there video/camera for the entire duration

(e) Evaluation – Participants have to accomplish the Google online evaluation form available only after the Q&A portion.

Q: When will the Certificates of Attendance be printed and released to the participants?

A: Please wait for further announcements regarding this matter. In case there is an urgent need for a Certificate of Attendance, please write a request by sending an email to : picpacdomember@gmail.com